8 impulse generators + 4 MIDI player pianos

Premiered April 30, 2010 in Miller Theatre, New York.

Fonoptera: from Greek, fono “sound” + pteron “wing”, or “sounding insect”.

Fonoptera is a word that my good friend Gildardo Cruz-Rojas invented many years ago as we were brainstorming for a name for a music society. Because the piece follows along the lines of the Tepozchiquilichtli (metalic cidadas) etudes, I decided “Fonoptera” would be a great name for the piece.

The piece is for eight home made 1-bit instruments and four “deaf” MIDI pianos. The 1-bit instruments are build out of dot matrix printheads, wood, plastic caps and wire. All twelve instruments are controlled by a single computer or micro-controller.


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